Error building writefreely from source

I am running go version go1.13.7 linux/amd64 on ubuntu 18.04 with node v12.13.0

I followed the build guide from the documentation page

followed all the steps , and when i got to the point where i need to run make build i get a an error. See below picture

What am i missing ?

Hey @salimsaid! Looks like you probably haven’t missed anything, but for some reason the go-bindata program wasn’t compiled right.

Usually “Exec format error” means the binary was built for another architecture (e.g. 32-bit vs. 64-bit) or another operating system. Maybe try something like this:

GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 go build -v

Hey @matt , thanks for sharing the build snippet,

It turned out that the go-bindata library was not installed. I installed by running below on the terminal

Finally build make && build run worked just fine.

I now have a writefreely instance running in development mode.

One more thing though, As i have the code & a running development instance, the next thing is to go through the code and try to understand how pieces fit together.

Is there like a design document that i can refer to ? To quickly understand the architecture of writefreely ?