Embedding photos on blog posts?

Is there a way to use a snap as photo link to embed a picture on my blog? So far, I’ve only been able to manage adding what shows up as a link. I tried using the <img src= ‘ ‘> tag, but then nothing shows up at all. Any tips would be great! Thanks!

Yep! You can use Markdown syntax for Snap.as images. When you click on an image there is a little link on the bottom for embedding images that looks something like this:


The <img> tags should work on Write.as though, so I wonder if it could be the link itself giving the trouble. Hope that helps and would be glad to clarify further if needed.

Went back and tried it again, and it worked fine. Thinking back, I recall being pretty careful to make sure there were no typos on my end, though I’m hard-pressed to think up a different reason to why it wouldn’t be working. Thanks for getting back on that!

One more question, is there any way that I can use markdown or code to adjust the pixel dimensions of the picture(s) directly from within a post? I know it’s possible when using CSS while customizing your blog, but am unsure whether such capabilities exist within posts as well. Thanks!

So while you can’t adjust dimensions with Markdown you can use the <img> element and use height & width stylings accordingly. Here is one example:

<img src="https://snap.as/image" style="height:50px; width:30px">

This seems to be another mobile vs desktop thing. Many times when I click on an image in “My photos” in snap.as, I just get taken to the jpeg, without the extra stuff around it, including the link. “Request mobile website” will frequently get me the extra bits, but frequently I have to switch away from my iPad and try to get the link on my iPhone in order to see the extra widgets with the text link.