Email subs no longer working

For the life of my blog, I have gotten 1-5 subscribers per month. I haven’t had a single one since October. I suspect the confirmation email isn’t being sent, OR, it’s landing in spam. For example, I had someone tell me they signed up, but they never appeared in my subscriber list.

Anyone else experience the same?

Can you look into this @matt?

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Hmm, did you have them check their spam folder for the confirmation email? Subscribers won’t show up on your list until they click the link in that confirmation email.

From our end, I’m seeing people are still successfully subscribing to blogs across the platform every day, so there doesn’t seem to be a change there. But otherwise, according to Google’s tools, our email domain reputation took a small hit in late December when we had a wave of automated subscriptions that we eventually shut down. That should bounce back with a little more time, but for now I’d have them try to search for that confirmation email.

Hm… okay.

Could you add a note to the confirmation that says “If you do not see the emial, pleaase check your SPAM folder.”