Email photos to

Is there a way to email photos to, with a link as there is for the blogs on If not, could there be please?

I am rarely on my Mac, doing nearly everything on my iPad Pro, and having to hunt for photos from years ago via the square mini-thumbnails is cumbersome. Ask me how I know. Grin.

Work around: I saved photos from my iCloud Photos to my iCloud Desktop, and “browse” to select. May be iOS issue, but had to do this 11 times for 11 photos, so not ideal. No way to select multiple files at once.

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This is very likely an iOS issue, as on desktop and Android you can select multiple photos to upload. But I’ll take a closer look when I get a chance. But either way, I love the post-via-email idea!

Oh, I can post multiple photos via iOS, but only via the “Photo Library,” which is small, square thumbnails only and linear scroll navigation. I’m speaking about “Browse,” by which I can select files I’ve saved to my iCloud desktop, but only one at a time. This allows me to find photos from years ago and easily post them, but is awkward due to the one file thing.

Ah, got it. I’ll have to dig up a device to test on, but I have a feeling this is an iOS issue we might not have much control over, unfortunately. The ultimate goal for us is to have a simple, focused iOS app that makes this whole process easier – that solves many of these issues that come up on mobile.

is this feature at all in the pipeline?