Email and Fediverse subscriptions stopped working

Hi there again.

I have a pro account and a blog which I have set to federate. Till now I was following my own blog with another mastodon account which I own and it worked just fine.

Also from my blog settings I could see at the stats page the subscribers and Fedivers followers was showing 1. (yeap my blog is not that popular and I was my only follower :stuck_out_tongue: )

Then suddenly today I realized it is showing zero fediverse followers.

Going to my mastodon account I confirm that I am still a follower of my own blog. But I do not receive new posts anymore.

So… I guess this is a bug? Well that’s were I categorized it! Don’t know if more users have realized this behavior. Maybe you could have a look into it.



I just realized that also email subscription does not work. In stats I indeed can see my email account which is subscribed to receive new posts, but it did not receive this new post.

Hey, I’m taking a look at this now. We haven’t heard about this issue with anyone else recently, but which blog of yours are you having trouble with? If you’d rather discuss privately, you can send a direct message to @support, too.

Thanks matt I’ve just sent a direct message