Email account -- server blacklisted? Can't send reset password email

The account @rgx is mine, and I cannot access it - or reset the password, or set up a new account using the same server as it is configured with.

I do have it linked to my git hub account as well - any help is appreciated. I had to create a new rgx2 account, since can’t access the original.

Thank you!

Hey @rgx2! Did you try the “Forgot my password” prompt on the forum log in pop up? You can use your username or email address you signed up with and it should send you a password reset.

If you already tried that and are still having issues, we can help. Just send a message to @old-support with your preferred email and we’ll switch the email on your @rgx account to that one. Then you can issue a password reset for your original account and you should get one sent to your updated email address.

Hope that helps and let me know if you need anything else!

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Thank you for the very helpful reply, CJ – I tried using the password recovery in the @rgx account (which I could not log in, using my BitWarden password manager stored credentials). No login, and no recovery email received.

My hunch is that the server I use for the account has been blacklisted, possibly? (it’s, the Vivaldi browser makers)

I searched the email there and had a recovery email from in June of last year I believe, so at one point it did work as expected.

Will think about it and possibly email support as you suggested. Thank you!