Edits don't seem to generate notifications; optional?

Hello, just getting started with blogging on a working instance.

Is there any option to enable notifications to be sent to followers, when I edit a previous post, please?

New posts notify me fine, but edits don’t. I’d like to change that if possible.

Many thanks!

The notifications were actually generated for most edits up to a few weeks ago. But I’d prefer not to have such a feature as I frequently edit posts for minor corrections such as fixing typos or tweaking metadata and I wouldn’t want my followers to be bothered for that.


Ah yes, I see your point, thanks.

I too need to re-edit posts however much, and of course it would get tedious for the poor subscriber if they were saturated with irrelevant noise from my keyboard.

So, can I still notify all listeners of an edit I’m proud to announce?

How would you notify your blog followers that you’ve just done a notable edit?

Thanks, all thoughts welcome, every day’s a school day…

Aside from the default choice, which until a few weeks ago was to generate notifications for edits, Write.as has no user-accessible settings to control the feature. In case of major edits I’d manually publish a new post announcing the change.

Hi, yes I later imagined that publishing the updated article would be required to trigger notifications. Thanks.