Editing a post creates a new Fediverse post

Over the past few days I edited some old posts of my blog such as this and, when I published them, corresponding new posts from my blog’s Fediverse account @paolo@journal.paolo.amoroso.com appeared in the Mstodon feed from where I follow the blog.

This didn’t happen up to a few days ago. Can the old behavior please be reversed? I frequently edit published posts and don’t want to spam my Fediverse readers.

Personally, I don’t mind having the toot happen, but I think if it’s going to change, some sort of “minor changes, don’t toot” checkbox, so the behavior is user-controlled, would be a better solution for everyone than always doing it one way or another.

The behavior I prefer is like Mastodon’s, i.e. editing generates no new toot. But my point is something broke or silently changed on Write.as over the past several days.

Can you share a URL where that’s happening, @PaoloAmoroso? There shouldn’t have been any recent changes that caused this, but I’ll look into it. We’ve always sent out Update events to the fediverse when posts changed (which were never respected by Mastodon), so some behavior might’ve changed on that end too.

Thanks Matt, here’s a URL where this happened: