Edit fediverse post when user edits the URL

When user published an article in WF, a post is published in fediverse contains post’s title and URL. If the user modifies the article’s URL, the fediverse post doesn’t be edited and still has the old URL. It would be better to the post be edited or be removed and publish a new fediverse post.

This is why there are drafts; I make sure the post (especially the url slug) is how I want it before moving to my actual blog which then means it federates.

This is only really an issue on Mastodon I believe, which doesn’t display the whole post and instead shares a link, other platforms like Pleroma/Akkoma and Snac show the complete post.

We can set URL in drafts before publishing post? I use https://paper.wf. Its version is 0.13.2 and I can’t find such thing.

sorry I should have been clearer: no it does not, but you set the title which it is derived from when posting to your blog, and then you can edit the title later if you want to and the url remains the same as it was.

wait - how are you editing the url? Only just caught that and I didnt think that was possible.

My posts are persian and I want the URL to be english. So changing the title to URL doesn’t help me.
I edit URL via the i button in the post’s edit page.

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Ah, so you’d have to have the title in English, publish, then edit the title to Persian for it to work as I described.
Which I know is not what you asked but is what I have done in the past - but only in English, so I am unaware of any issues (if any) with changing language within a post.

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