Draft.as - simple, text-based collaboration


This is also a while off, but I wanted to get some early conversations going around our collaboration product, Draft.as.


A collaboration tool tightly integrated with Write.as. Meant to be used for asynchronous text-based collaboration – e.g. a writer and an editor. Basically a lightweight Google Docs.


(A tentative list of features)

  • Revision history
  • Import existing Write.as posts
  • Edit a document anonymously / without signing up
  • Publish final document to a Write.as account / blog


If you collaborate with others on blog posts or other documents:

  • what does that process usually look like for you?
  • what tools do you normally use?
  • what has been missing from the tools you’ve used before?

What would you like to see in a really simple collaboration tool?

Would you find something like this useful at all?