Domain not resolving


  • I think i’m not getting the DNS setting right either: * A is set to the ip address shown on hte set-up page. I haven’t set an AAAA as it say optional? and the ‘’ CNAME is A good 24hours has passed though I don’t seem to be anywhere. I have a domain though haven’t built a website for it yey do I need to do that first perhaps?

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If your DNS settings are correct there should be nothing else you need to do. Could you provide the domain for me to verify? Sometimes ISPs cache DNS for a long time so it might work for others already.

Hi Rob,

  • your help is much appreciated, thank you.

Domain is: (Reg123). My blog is ‘oneyeopen’.



I had a look for DNS records and see none for that domain, other than the nameservers.

Have you logged in to 123-reg again to see if the setting were saved?

Rob, I may have found my mistake! They are now showing as: www, A, and www, CNAME,
Many thanks indeed Rob you got on track and it now appear to be working. :smile:

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That’s awesome, glad you got it sorted out :+1: