And "www." mystery

Hi folks! I’ve been enjoying learning how to use and CSS to build myself a new sort of website/landing-page. This is my first time asking a question on here, but I’ve used this as a (very helpful!) resource while building my blog-site-- thanks!

Two questions:

So, I gave my landing page a custom domain, and now I’m wondering if it’s possible to link to a second blog, making the URL, for example,

Secondly, I’m wondering if anyone knows why a “www.” might interfere with my URL. For example, works (that links to a hidden post), but doesn’t work. Something about the www. is making it come up with the “This page is missing. Are you sure it was ever here?” page. Any help with this is much appreciated!

Hi @kateromain!

Currently the mydomain,com/blog setup is not possible. I agree that it’d be awesome to implement though, especially if someone wants to just have a customized landing page. Just a matter of seeing if this is a technical/feasible possibility (@matt would be better to answer that).

As far as the www goes, if you set as the chosen domain in, the www version should redirect to it. That should also apply to posts. Has the been set up recently when you tried (like within the hour or so)? Sometimes it takes a while for domain set ups to propagate through the web. Would be curious to see what happens when you try it now.

Hope that clarifies things and would be happy to clarify more if needed. We’ll get this sorted out @katerokain!

PS: Really enjoying the Hummingcrow blog!

Thanks @cjeller1592!

Ok, for now I’ll just make the blog be a kinda thing, so it’s at least similar to the domain. Would be awesome if @matt has any ideas about the /blog linkage! :slight_smile:

As for the www. thing-- I linked my domain a week ago so it should be working. It’s weird 'cause does work and redirects to, but doesn’t. Not really a big deal as people probably won’t be typing that into their address bar anyhow haha, just seemed like a strange thing and wondered about it.

Thanks y’all!


P.S. So glad you’re enjoying our blog! It’s been a real joy to build it with