Does provide DNS management - nameservers for registrar?

Hi. I want to transfer my domain from google to Chemicloud, if possible. They don’t provide DNS management for just registering my domain name. Does provide DNS management? Thanks for help.

Hey, sorry for not getting back to you! We don’t provide DNS management, unfortunately. But if Chemicloud doesn’t either, I could recommend using 1984hosting for this – they offer this service for free. Let us know if you have any trouble getting set up there.

Matt, thanks, so much. That looks like a great registrar. I would love help, but I’m afraid I don’t have time. My google expires 8/28. Could I get help in that time? Thanks.

We can definitely help in that time. Have you already transferred your domain to Chemicloud?

Hi Matt. No. It’s still with google.

Okay. I believe domain transfers can take a while, so I’m not sure if there will be problems there, especially with your domain around its expiration date. If you can get assistance from Google / Chemicloud on the transfer, then I can help you use 1984hosting for DNS, and get it set up again with

That sounds good – I should be available for a while longer today, and I’ll keep an eye out for more messages this evening. (If I need any information such as a username and password, we can continue discussing that via private message – I removed the last post since it had some sensitive information in it and I didn’t want others to see it.)

Hey @writedirt, if it is not a problem you can renew with Google itself. That will extend the validity of the domain further (by one year). The extended validity will still be applied if you then transfer to any other DNS. This will give you more time, as domain transfer generally takes about a week.

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Thanks, Matt. Google told me if I initiate transfer before tomorrow, it will be fine. Please let me know anything you need for me. I appreciate the help because I can’t figure out what to do at 1984hosting.

I meant to say, please let me know anything you need from me, whatever I need to do.

Matt, hi. We missed each other. Can I still get help with transerring to 1984hosting? I extended my expiration date with google for another year. I just really want to move it away to the 1984hosting. Thanks.

Yep, the next step will simply be to move your domain to Chemicloud. Once you do that, I can help you set up things in 1984hosting. In the end, you’ll be using three different services:

  • Chemicloud - managing your domain
  • 1984hosting - connecting your domain to (technically: DNS records)
  • - hosting your blog

My apologies. I was thinking 1984hosting was also a registrar. Before I do this, can you tell me which registrar you favor right now? I was actually thinking about Fast Comet now, cause it has good ratings - but I’m not experienced so I don’t know really know what’s best. Thanks for your advice on a registrar. Sorry again for being dumb. I’m almost there. Thanks.

It’s no problem! Both personally and professionally, I use a few different registrars:

  • Hover - Just recently started using them, and I like them enough that this is where I’ve been buying all new domains.
  • Gandi - Good service, but domains come at a slight premium since they also include other services.
  • iwantmyname

Overall, unless you have very specific needs, you really can’t go wrong with many registrars. I wouldn’t worry too much about a few bad reviews unless it looks like a company is overwhelmingly terrible.

Many domain registrars offer free DNS management - GoDaddy, Moniker, - all has it. Although advanced setups might require subscription - e.g. if you want DNSSEC enabled, need to purchase service from GoDaddy.

I run my own DNS infrastructure, but for basic setups (simple A, MX entries) registrar’s name servers are good enough.

Also you should never initiate domain transfer around domain expiration date - better first renew with your current registrar and then initiate transfer as it might take some time between registrars to exchange authorizations.

Matt, thank you, so much for letting me know about your registrars. Sorry to be slow in response. I don’t know why I’m making a federal production out of picking one, but that helped. I keep thinking about FastComet because of their high ratings, although I know I shouldn’t worry about the ratings so mcuh. I’ll do this very soon, and let you know.

gytisrepecka, thanks for the info. I’ll think about the DNSSEC. I’ve already renewed. Thanks for the help.

hey writedirt- not to add more synthetic organic carbon amalgam to the consideration pile, but i have been a dreamhost customer since 2010 and am very happy with them, if you have not bought anything yet. :slight_smile: if you’d like to hear more, let me know.

i’m new here so be patient if i dont see it instantly.

Matt, I just realized I can’t transfer my domain from google for 60 days since I just renewed it. Should I wait until then to change the hosting to 1984hosting? Thanks.

Hi 18percentgrey. Thanks for the suggestion about dreamhost. I’m slow at this, so hope you see this. I think I’m going to go with gandi, but I appreciate your help. I’ve overthought this for too long, but I finally decided I like that they say they focus on “rights” of users. Thanks, again.

good stuff. i dont know about the service you mentioned, so i will look
into it. especially since i’m attempting to engineer and attract others
etc or vis a vis that understand the plan haha. :smiley: but okay, thank you i appreciate the new
intel. will check into "gandi network now. " thanks,

regards, Omar

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