Docker support

I really like the idea of WriteFreely and am also willing to help. I just wanted to know if there are already plans for a Docker support? The current way of installing WriteFreely is a bit complicated, and Docker support would allow me to integrate it into my current Hosting setup.

I would like to create a Dockerfile, but one thing that has to be fixed before is the way the database is getting installed. Are there already plans to automatically create the database on install?

Nevertheless I’m really looking forward to try WriteFreely and contributing to it’s source!

I actually mentioned this in the wishlist thread. I’m planning on writing a multistage Dockerfile once I can get Write Freely to actually work.


Hey, glad you’d like to help out! We are working on supporting Docker now. But either way, v0.3 will include the option to create the database with: writefreely --init-db.

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I have a Docker image that I use and keep updated. The source is available on my GitLab and I publish the image at koehn/writefreely.

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@bkoehn I’m unable to log into your Gitlab. Trying to use Github and just receiving errors when attempting to login.