Docker deploy

Hey all!
I just published this repository GitHub - karlprieb/writefreely-docker: Deploy WriteFreely using docker.

It’s basically what I use to deploy writefreely to production using docker.

As I know that there’s no support for production deploy using docker from writefreely project, I think that can be useful for someone or to use as a base to implement an official solution.


This is great to see. Thanks for sharing, @karl!

While we don’t have enough interest in production Docker support, do you think this kind of setup is the best way for people to go?

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Thanks for the recognition @matt

I really think that’s the way to go because with this you have a way to back up keys and database (SQLite only for now) and change template and pages.

But I still have some work to do, some refinements like better UID:GID support inside the image, using an .env file instead to have to deal directly with docker-compose.yml file and also a better way to generate config.ini file.

Those are just refinements, the actual way to configure and deploy works great :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing @karl
I’m trying to build the image, and getting an error on the line 22;
RUN make build &&
make ui

Must be some configuration I’m missing?
Thanks for any suggestions!

edit: added a more detailed description in an issue at the repository