Display of dates in blogposts

For some reason the dates on my blog now shows up like this: 2021 M07 13 instead of 2021 July 13.

My browser is Google Chrome.

Hi @oddbobb, did you change the language of any of those posts? That’s what determines how dates show up on posts.

No, I changed nothing. I found out that it’s got something to do with Google Chrome. This doesn’t happen in Safari. So there’s nothing wrong on the write.as side. It’s just that I can’t figure out why the dates look different in Safari and Chrome. This happens on a few blogs I follow as far as I can tell, but not on wordpress-sites for example. So it’s like it has something to do with how the date is coded in the html?

Ah, it probably has something to do with our Javascript then – we use some code to display the date in your local time as a reader.

Which version of Chrome are you using? And what is the default language your browser is set to?

I see. I’m on Chrome version 92.0.4515.131 (official arm64) on a mac mini. I also saw the same flaw using Chrome on a Windows-machine (unsure of the version). My language settings are Norwegian (primary) and english (usa) as a secondary. So I understand then that the javascript output will depend on the browser/OS-settings? I see that some blogs (typically wordpress) use another way of showing dates, I don’t know anything about it, but I’m guessing the date is “hardcoded” in the blog-entries and tat the output is related to the blog-setup and not the browser or something.