Discount option is not available

Some time ago I have applied for student discount and you have my thanks for providing me with a discount code. But unfortunately when I opened up subscription upgrade page I was unable to see a text field for inputting the discount code. I suspect the code might be a PayPal exclusive thing, but in that case I’d appreciate if you could provide an alternative discount-friendly payment option since PayPal stopping servicing customers in Turkey. And the fact that a feature only exists just for a single payment provider is a prime example of vendor lock-in which is something very anti-WriteFreely. For the time being I am just using the 14-day trial option to get the things done, but I’d appreciate it if we could find a real solution. Thank you.

Hi @agyild! Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. We are currently working on getting the coupon option to show on the subscription page. Once that change goes through we’ll let you and everyone else know. Thanks again for your patience with us here!

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Thank you for the quick reply. Good to know that you are working on it. I don’t if it will take more than 14 days but if it does can you prolong my trial temporarily until the fix is in place? I know that customizations just stay as read-only after the pro subscription expires but I might still need to change a few things or upload content to

It should be done within that time period so no need to worry! And we’ll definitely keep your trial up if anything changes in that timeframe.

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The discount option on the subscription forms is now live! Let me know if adding the coupon works for you @agyild.

Thank you for the quick fix. I’ll test it out and purchase the subscription right after my trial expires.