Disable automatic emailing of new blog posts

It would mean the world to me if on the Customize admin page, right under the Email Subscriptions title, there was a checkbox to disable the automatic emailing of new blog posts to subscribers.

I’d like to use Write.as native email signup form to collect emails from my readers. BUT I’d like to let them know a new article has been published using a different service, so I can customise the content and timing of that email (for the time being, maybe even BCC’ing them from my own inbox).

To work around this I tried embedding a Mailchimp signup form instead, but it looks like write.as overrides some of its CSS and it looks terrible and I couldn’t fix it.

Until the signup email flow is available in spanish and this request is implemented (if ever, hehe), I just disabled the email signup form and will ask users to send me an email requested to be added to the mailing list instead.

I’ll leave the feature request open anyways because I’m genuinely interested in it.