Dialogue via multiple blogs

I’ve been playing with micro.blog. I like the idea, but not their infringement on religion in their community guidelines.

Matt posted on his microblog:

@matt, will this (whatever it is/becomes) allow for similar type interaction and promote an “old school” people talking interactively via their blogs and comments et al?

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Hey @DeaconPatrick! What I mention in that post is more about multiple people writing on one blog, rather than across different independent blogs. In other words, we’re going to have better support for blogs or publications with several writers on them.

However, we also still plan to support this kind of interaction you mention, with Remark.as. We’re going to start with the newsletter side, so readers can reply there. Then we’ll expand to allow connected comments across blogs. Still aiming to roll that out early this year!


Excellent! Thank you, @matt!

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@matt this is interesting… i for one have tried unsuccessfully to inspire people to share things with submit.as - for example im trying to create and generate a collaborative human centric news site/ ie real things that matter inspire and make happy vs the crud you see if you own a television…

Its www.earthbound.news but the issue is people seem afraid of or dont understand what submit.as is…

I have roughly 1,500 facebook contacts and extremely interactive folk, they care about the things i share and topically are in the same boat / mentally- and thats why its strange and leads me to wonder if its something about the design? Of submit.as? Or perhaps another unknown var or several.

Makes me wonder and bums me out. I really think people would dig it if they understood it better…

I think imho its that people electively are terrified of filling out a web form that includes their email, and or they believe they are going to be signing up for something that charges them money or is a free trial and later a sneaky thing of some invoice sort.

Again makes me wonder just postulating here to try and figure it out without breaking my head or anyone elses… :slight_smile:

Perhaps if the whole thing was on one oage and explained that it simply goes directly to the person who shared the form and theyre not signing up for anything and wont be spammed and! Their thing will show on said persons website if said person likes it, otherwise will remain private.

^ this is a RARE case where i feel too mich simplicity in your UX (of submit.as) may actually be a huge barrier to the service being understood and more utilized…

actually .