Developer resources?

We’re looking to improve our developer resources – tools, documentation, etc. – in the near future, and I’m wondering what everyone would find most helpful!

I see a few ways we might improve things now:

  • Launch a WriteFreely-specific developer portal
    • Migrate current API documentation
    • Link to WriteFreely-specific libraries (like our Swift package)
    • Open-source the entire site to allow contributions
  • Re-scope our current Developer site as a portal to our entire suite – WriteFreely,,, etc.
  • Add simple web-based developer tools
    • Generate a user access token via the web
    • Test API calls via the web
    • Other simple tasks to get started with the API?

What do you think of these? Anything else you’d like to see?


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Hello, not sure if this is the right thread to bring it up, but I can’t seem to get to the API documentation site at Is there a new site that I should be looking at?

The site is the same, but we were just moving some things around on that server. Could you try again?

It’s working now, thanks!