Delete a Post

Does anybody know how I can delete a post in I haven’t been able to find the mentioned delete link/button in 30 minutes:


Hi @zeitrechnen! If you go to your blog view ( and hover over a post’s title, there should be the following options: “Edit, Pin, Delete, and Move To…” Do those appear for you?

I have had this difficulty before. What happened to me was that I was trying to find the delete link/button from my custom domain ( when it is only accessible from my domain ( That could be the issue too.

Hope that helps!

Hi, @cjeller1592! Thanks, but nothing happens when I hover over the title. I inspected the element and saw that the links have a hidden class. There are event listeners but the all reference the analytics script. So, is this a bug? I tried several browsers.

Okay, I solved it. It was my fault, I messed up the CSS!

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No worries, I am just glad you got it working. Do you know what the culprit could have been? It would be great to know for future reference.

I used the class hidden for some custome code and wasn’t aware that this class was already used by