DB PostgreSQL support



I’m running PostgreSQL for my Mastodon instance, and I’d like to use the same DB for writely to save resources and keep costs down.

Any chance of supporting a DB abstraction to allow both maria and PostgreSQL?


The next (and likely final) database engine the team is going to build support for will be SQLite. Our primary goal is to make WriteFreely installation as easy as possible, so that’ll help everyone avoid these relatively heavy engines and keep everything self-contained. However, if anyone in the community wants to contribute the changes necessary for PostgreSQL support – and especially if they want to help maintain it – we’ll gladly welcome that.

With SQLite support we’ll also add test cases to ensure database functions work consistently across different storage engines, etc., so those changes should make supporting other backends (like PostgreSQL) much easier.

(Note: we’ll continue the previous GitHub discussion about this on this thread.)


I’ll be working on the SQLite support this weekend. While I’m doing that work, I’ll also be noting things that might need to be changed to work with PostgreSQL.


Awesome, that’ll help a lot :+1:


+1 for wanting PostgreSQL support, other federated software uses it as well (Mastodon, Pleroma, Matrix) so it’s nice to run them all in the same db server