Date and "read more" language

So, my blog is written in English but the date of the posts and “read more” are written in French:

I’m French, so maybe it’s a consequence of my IP?

I’d like to change that but I can’t find the option in customization.

So the language metadata we save with each post is determined by the preferred language set in your browser. To change it on published posts, you can click Edit on your post, then press the small “i” icon in the top-right of the editor, which will take you to the metadata editing page.

Sounds like a potential feature request to have some setting that overrides the browser language for posts :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Thanks @matt

Hi! I am Italian, also blog in English.
Changing the preferred language in each post by editing the metadata works, but it is a bit uncomfortable.
I ended up just setting my browser in English.
An override option would definitely be great. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Melyanna, that’s great to know!

I’m getting ready to design the feature now, and am thinking this override option could be set for each blog, rather than for the entire account. That way, for example, someone could have one blog in Italian and one in English.

Would that work for everyone?

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Hi @matt - I can’t speak for @sfss of course, but I would definitely prefer the option of overriding this per each blog.
I do, in fact, have one blog in English and one in Italian. :wink:

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