Cyber Monday


I’ve a casual plan and i’m considering use the cyber monday promotion to upgrade:

  • after the 1st year (at $45) the subscription renews for what price ($45 or $60)?
  • Can i downgrade to casual again?

Thank you for the help.

Hey @chambel, if you buy the subscription during our Cyber Monday sale, you’ll only pay $45 every year. You’ll keep this price for as long as your subscription is active, so it’d only change if you cancel your subscription or switch to another one, like the monthly Pro plan.

As for switching back to Casual, we actually don’t have that plan anymore – it’s just Pro now. So you’ve been grandfathered in on that, and if you switch away from it you won’t be able to switch back.

However, if you have any concerns about price in the future, just contact us and we can discuss a better Pro price. Ultimately we don’t want our cost to be a reason people can’t write on the platform.


Thank you very much for your help in aswering my questions. I’ll defenittly upgrade my account.

Keep up the great work!

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Hey Matt,

Just wanted to drop by to appreciate your work with the site. I think it is a very inspiring platform to work on and I am happy to contribute to it. Thank you for the nice Cyber Monday offer, it came at the right time. It is also very sweet that you are interested in the actual writing than pushing the service down our throats. I hope this remains the ethos of for the years to come.

All the best!

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Thank you both for the kind words – I’m glad this deal was so well-received and it’s bringing in people who like what we’ve built here!

As for our focus on writing, we will absolutely keep that spirit alive and central to everything we do. And please hold us to that standard in case we ever start to drift.

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