Customize PW Page Button

I feel like I’m constantly asking questions, but I was wondering whether there was some custom CSS or JS code by which to customize the button on the password page (for those us with PW protected blogs). Here’s a picture of what mine looks like, currently:

Specifically, I was wondering how to change the color, using a hex code (ex: #CCCFFF), how to change the text to something other than ‘Enter’, and if possible, how to change the width (or how long the button appears) to a custom px value (not sure what the default px width is to begin with, or if it’s just dependent on what the text is, in which case I guess that question is kinda redundant). Assuming these things are possible to customize, how would the code look for each customization and how would it look all together, if all these values were changed to be custom? Thanks so much!