Customer support on W.a, WF, etc

I’ve got an e-mail address here “” that I can send an e-mail to for customer support, suggestions, a complaint, or whatever - but I don’t seem to get a response from that e-mail account. I know there are forums (such as this one,, but some things I (and others) may want to be kept private. So, what I’m wondering is, is there another e-mail/contact I can get in touch with in order to communicate with someone from the W.a/WF team? Twitter/Mastodon are not an option, because I don’t use either + they are not private. Any info would be good, thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @tmo! I’d recommend still using the email address — someone will respond to it. If you want other means of contacting us, you can use the private messaging feature on the forum to contact us. Just make sure to send the message @old-support and we’ll get back to ya.

Below is a how-to on how to access and send a private message via Discourse (the software that powers this forum). Hope that helps!

OK, thank you.