Custom Domain with Secondary blog kinda sorta works?

I suspect I already know the answer to this, but: I wanted to setup a secondary blog tied to a different custom domain. When I started customizing the blog I did see the message,

This your secondary blog. You cannot change its URL, but you can make it your primary blog

Being the odd person I am I decided to move forward with the customizations anyways. After all, it still gave me the options.

So what I have now is a secondary blog that will load at the custom domain, will federate with a profile tied to the custom domain, and will serve posts using that custom domain… but when viewing the main landing page via the custom domain, the only posts that appear there are the pinned posts I had published prior to applying the custom domain setting.

Should I just give this up and accept that the custom domain is not actually going to work fully (as the message basically told me)?

Actually shortly after posting this the missing post started appearing on the landing page with the custom domain. So maybe it does work?

Maybe spoke too soon again. Federation seems to be broken for that blog now.

Both load the same for me, so probably browser caching for you - which they seem to do quite aggressively these days. Ctrl+F5 usually sorts it, but I have had occurances where I have had to clear the cookies for a site.

Yeah, it seems like there’s just a delay on the landing page for the custom domain version, even through Ctrl+F5 or incognito window. Not sure why, but I’m fine with that so long as it eventually updates.

The other issue I began running into was that it originally federated as the user I had specified, But then in subsequent posts those weren’t posting. I determined that it reverted to posting as the user instead.

I’ve since just turned off federation, intending to re-enable it at a later time to see if that will kick it back over to the original federated user.

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