Custom Domain SSL Error

Hi there, I just noticed that when I navigate to, I get the error in the screenshot below. However navigating to seems to work just fine. Is there some SSL issue going on with top level domains?

I have the same issue. It could be related to the recent Let’s Encrypt root certificate expiration (source).

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@dino Neither link works for me, unfortunately. Hoping @matt jumps in for you.

Hey everyone, thanks for bringing this up. It does look like we’re affected by the root certificate expiration @bogdanspatariu brought up.

I’ve figured out the exact cause, and put in a temporary workaround so that we can re-issue new certificates that will fix this issue. However, a ton of sites we host need new certificates, and we’re running into rate limiting from Let’s Encrypt at the moment, since they’re all trying to renew now. So it may still be some time before everyone’s site is back online (it does look like is up again.

Really sorry again for the issue here. To workaround this additionally, we’ve temporarily enabled non-HTTPS access to all sites on custom domains, so readers can still access your blogs. Once this issue is all cleared up for everyone, we’ll restore the HTTP → HTTPS redirect again.


My sites do work now with the custom domains, thanks!

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As an update, we’ve just put in a permanent fix for this, and we’ll be disabling HTTP / insecure access to blogs on custom domains shortly.

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