Custom Domain and Bluehost

I am trying to create the DNS records for using Bluehost.

I had no trouble setting up the optional AAAA-record using @; however, when I tried to make an A-record with name @, the system warned me that Cloudflare would be disabled if I did so. That sounded ominous so I wanted to ask here if I should proceed or if there is another approach that keeps that Cloudflare active.

Sorry for the hassle, I am a bit out of my depth.

UPDATE: I kept reading and found some information here in “Improved SSL certificate generation” that talked about using Cloudflare for DNS and not proxy. My host just added Cloudflare Basic and I am not a Pro user with them, so I just disabled it and entered the A-record information. That should take care of it. I hope :grin:

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