Cumbersome right to left

The current implementation of RTL typing is cumbersome. A toggle as exists in Notesnook would be much easier from a user perspective. Currently, as I understand the implementation: type something, publish, toggle in metadata, type in Arabic, toggle in English, type in English, rinse and repeat which is a lot for me as I do interpretation of Arabic in a lot of my posts. A simple switch in the editor would be nice. Also, the display doesn’t usually reflect the change. It does reflect when published though. Thank you.

Notesnook 2.6.0

" RTL improvements

If you do a lot of writing in RTL languages (Urdu, Arabic etc.), this release will be your favorite for sure! Why do I say that? Well, take a look yourself:

  1. You now only need to set the text direction once, and everything else just follows it automatically. Previously, you’d have to constantly align different nodes to the right which was cumbersome and annoying.
  2. The title now automatically changes the text direction to RTL if it detects RTL text. How cool is that?
  3. RTL notes in the notes list will now automatically be aligned right-to-left."