Css only theme switcher

someone knows if it is possible to customize a blog with this? CSS Only Theme Switcher by Alexander Sandberg

Unfortunately not. It relies on the subsequent-sibling CSS selector (~), which only applies to elements that come after the one with that selector applied. While you could apply it to an early element on the page, you can’t directly insert an element high enough up in the hierarchy to cascade down the way you want.

This would be possible with a little JavaScript, though.

(Hablo español si prefieres :slight_smile: )

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HI! thanks for your reply! :3 I understand. I was looking for an alternative to JS, because i’m running a writefreely instance and I don’t have custom JS in custom menu.

PS: Sabes español o mi inglés es muy malo? jajaja

Gotcha, and yeah unfortunately there’s not a good way to do it without JavaScript. I don’t know enough about WriteFreely to know if it’s possible to include your own JS code anywhere; that’s a question for the devs.

Tu inglés no está mal de ninguna manera, pero sí podría ver yo que tú no eres nativo-hablante :slight_smile: (Yo lo soy del inglés). Todo se entiende, no te preocupes. Lo que me suena raro, sin embargo, es que no decimos “someone” en este contexto; diríamos does anyone know…

Y tu nombre de usario es español, pues ya.

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Gracias por la respuesta y también por el feedback jajaja!