CSS issue when viewing posts for a specific tag

As the title states, there seems to be an issue with the site’s css when viewing posts for a specific tag. This only seems to affect tags pages, everywhere else the site loads up the design just fine.

Are other write.as users running into this same issue? Or is it just my site?

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Yes I am having the same problem since last night … it looks like a global bug …

Yep, we’ve found the issue and will have a fix out shortly!

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Okay, this is fixed for everyone now!

The issue arose because we recently moved shared assets like CSS and images to our CDN, to speed up everyone’s site. The change went smoothly except on the Tags page, where a variable wasn’t getting set correctly. Should be good now, but please let us know if you still notice anything off!


It’s back to normal now, thanks @matt!

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