CSS and images 404


I followed the setup instructions on Debian 9 and nginx, but whenever I try to access my site it can’t seem to load any assets.

When I try to go directly to the missing images I get a 404, even though the config seems to be set up correctly and the images are there. https://phoenix.s-ul.eu/hmbkvuKu and https://phoenix.s-ul.eu/QkU2CPRR

Running writefreely doesn’t throw any errors. I’m using pretty much the nginx config provided on the installation page but with SSL and a 301 from http to https with http2. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


Extending our heartiest welcomes to the community NovaPhoenix! :smile:


If I visit https:/blog.firebird.zone as of :clock10: 10:12am UK time today I get a 502 error.

Whenever I get that with my own instance of WriteFreely it is usually because I have not restarted it with sudo systemctl start writefreely

This may or may not have anything to do with your issue above…


I shut down the site once I couldn’t get it working, I’ll start it up now


If you’re using the default, I would guess it’s an issue with your nginx configuration, particularly with this section:

location ~ ^/(css|img|js|fonts)/ {

Is the root value there correct?


Yeah, that was it. I forgot to change that. Apologies and thank you!


No problem! Glad it’s working.


When I now visit https://blog.firebird.zone it redirects to some dodgy looking web address…!



Going to the correct address of - https://blog.firebird.zone, does resolve to a WriteFreely Blog though.


You linked the same URL twice, and both correctly resolve to my blog. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I don’t think it’s an issue with my installation. Maybe it’s your DNS and/or ISP?


That previous link was missing a forward slash at the beginning, so it probably resolved weirdly. https://blog.firebird.zone works for me though.