Css and Fonts not loading

Hi there! I’m having trouble getting the css and fonts to load on my configuration. I’m using the default nginx config.

My CSS block looks like this:

location ~ ^/(css|img|js|fonts)/ {
root /var/www/writefreely/static;
# Optionally cache these files in the browser:
# expires 12M;

Is there something I’m missing? The root section is correctly formatted, as far as I can tell.

Hi @MissionControl, did you run the key generation?

If not, run writefreely --gen-keys in the root of the application folder.

I did run the keygen.

What it turned out to be is that I had write freely configured so that the public url was localhost. Updated to my new url and it’s working fine now. :slight_smile: Thanks for the help!

Awesome, glad it’s working now :blush: