Critic to, critic to, general obvious problem

Wherever you are, you see at any point the same problem:

  • Strukture of links between pages, user experience is totally broken. This means, that the developer dont think as one who dont know all functions. Iam not in the mood to explain this in detail, but it is really frustrating, that the user interface (web) is not well-thought-out. Matt, try to see as one who never used it and you will see how frustrating it is. For example the link to the help pages. Only in the site where my blogs are listed is a link to the help pages. I suggest you reallly to overthink menu-structures and user leading structure. promises to be easy, but its not, because you search and search…

  • There is no preview-function for post-editing, I suggest this

  • There is no possibility to sort, categorise pictures on - after uploading hundred of pictures, do you think I remember for which post, subject every picture is? This is really minus.

  • Documentation is way to minimal. For example how hastags are working. Same problem Matt, you dont think like a user without knowledge, you must learn that.

  • CSS is, sorry, but it is a piss off. It is not documented, structure is overengineered. Please design a structured, easy to understand CSS-Class-/Identity-Modell for the CSS-Function. Then document it please. Also I STRONGLY recommend to implement a CSS-Theme-Function or at minimum a set of some CSS-Themes to choose.

  • Markdown-Links inside same page don’t work:

[Go to new subject](#new-subject)

## New Subject
  • Some html works in post, for example

    <img …
    but not all, for example
    <a href…
    - can you please document what works and what not
  • does not work, you promised 6 weeks before, that you will implement this. Sad. Funny thing is, here it works, on not.

  • What about video? Would be cool to use for video upload too

  • A User comment function would be cool, that makes every blog more living

  • Please implement a function to manually sort the order of post in the blog.

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Firs of all, remember that is a work in Progress. And this is a product with the purpose to be a simple, minimalist, and federated blog plateform… Not an heavy featured CMS.

Write as anonimous private post and when finished move to your blog !

Host your video on the Fediverse:
And if you prefer you have the insecure YouTube or Vimeo

This is a separate project (look at blog)… But not everybody want/need it. This is not critical.

Minimal is better than nothing. And we can (and must) contribute too as users.



Hey, thanks for the feedback. To add to @Aris’ answers:

Any particular place(s) you got stuck besides looking for the help pages?

Yep, this is all coming in the future. is a beta product right now.

Good point, and this is something I’m working on, through the How to use blog and our videos. And yes, we welcome help from anyone that wants to improve the documentation!

Are there any questions you had in particular, besides how hashtags work?

Anything in particular you’re trying to do that you’re unable to right now? Otherwise we’d always welcome any improvements you want to contribute.

Right, this is a known issue we hope to address soon. And, of course, we welcome help from anyone who wants to contribute a fix.

We’ll document what HTML we support in the future. Also, on WriteFreely or as a paying user, <a> tags should work for you (or, of course, Markdown).

What does not work?

We might support that on, but we’ll have to see how feasible that is. Video is an enormous undertaking, and there are plenty of other great ways to get video online already, like @Aris mentioned, so that might be out-of-scope for us.

I’d love to hear your thoughts / ideas on our thread about

You could manually sort your posts by going into each one and changing the Created date to get the order you want, or automate this by using our API.

Also, WriteFreely/ Pro users can change the sort order of posts on their blog’s customize page. But anything beyond that is probably outside the scope of this blogging platform.

Thanks again for the input!


@Matt I need to say: You are amazingly patient - A credit to the project.