Creating multiple new posts in a single day

After writing and publishing a post on (Curried Beef Stew — davepolaschek if you’re curious), I tried to write another new post. Clicking “New Post” or simply typing “” in the address bar of my browser put me back in edit mode on the previous post I was editing.

Latest Safari on Mac OS 13.2.1.

Note that I have six windows with over a dozen tabs open, two of them being TOC posts on, as well (such as Recipes TOC — davepolaschek) so it’s entirely possible this is a Safari state thing, but it’s pretty annoying that I basically have to shut everything down and come back to be able to start writing a completely new post without having to worry about something clobbering the one that keeps popping up as the default in the “New Post” window.

Second bug (yes, bad form, I know) for @matt - recently command-{ and } seem to have changed behavior when I’m editing in a window. Very painful, as I’m used to using those for my own purposes (increase and decrease quote-level in emails) and they keep doing unintended things in

After saving a copy of the page that kept popping up, I cleared it, and then the “new post” began working correctly again. I’m guessing it was a caching bug, which I see many of from Safari attempting to be clever about not fetching new content. So perhaps a issue, but only because of Safari weirdness, I expect.

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