Create a “rel = me” Instance for Mastadon?

I just joined instance of Mastadon. To verify my websites, it wants me to have a “rel = me” instance. How do I do this please? Also, how do I share my fediverse “feed” for each blog?

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You’ll find your fediverse address under ‘Customisation’ It looks something like: @…@…

The rel=me goes on a link in the menu to your landing page. This is one of the reasons I want to be able to add a socialMedia icon+link to the Header and Footer areas of my blog. Adding the rel=me anywhere else on your blog won’t work to verify.

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A cheat for this is to use the same username on as you do on Mastodon. This works because publishes a rel me= link for each of your blogs and if the username happens to match, Mastodon is happy.