Create a post via CLI

Hi, I am totally new here. I am intrigued by WriteFreely and had an (admittedly brief) look at the doco.

One thing which is not clear to me: Is the web editor the only way to write/publish posts? Or can I publish via a command line tool as well?

To understand where I am coming from: I have been using Pelican, a static site generator, for a blog and there I can write the post in any editor on my local machine and then send that file off via the CLI command. Pretty handy.

Would be great if this works for WriteFreely as well.

Hi @walter! Funny you mention that…WriteFreely actually has a CLI utility that you can use to publish posts! It’s great for the workflow you’re describing. You can check it out & download it here:

And you can check out the guide for use cases and commands here:

Hope that helps!

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Thanks heaps @cjeller1592! That’s exactly what I was looking for.

Very cool that you can connect to instances whereever and not only on the machine you are working on.