Create a page with links to all articles?

Hello there!

I’m trying to create a page that I’ll pin, with a list of all the posts I’ve created, for easy navigation.
Anyone knows how to achieve this?


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Not sure if it can be done automatically. Think you’ll need to just create the page then add the article link manually each time.

Ya might try exporting a CSV and/or JSON file of your account via The CSV has a column just of URLs.

Using some code and a workaround, I’m using a system different than what I’ve done in the past (and is offered out of the box on, which might be similar to what you’re talking about?

If you wanted to make an archive page, which you can then pin, @dino designed an web app which should be able to help you accomplish this:

Hope any of this helps!

Unfortunately the app has stopped working because of CORS restrictions I don’t have control over. I’m looking into some other workarounds to it, possibly a Windows desktop app or an Electron app (will be hard since I have no experience with it).

Another option is to use your page, which displays a little archive. Yours can be found at[yourusername]

For example, mine is Diary of an indie writer — [tiny]


Besides all the workarounds suggested here, I just wanted to mention that we’ve officially added this to our roadmap, so you’ll have built-in support for an archive page in the near future! (Task tracked here.)