Cookie Solution and integration



I have found a solution for privacy & cookie policy. Unfortunately the solution for the cookie banner is placed in the HEAD of the HTML. Also there has to be the possibility of a placed cookie for visitors that come back to the blog.

This is the documentation from the service called Iubenda and how this is implemented:
Banner and Prior Consent – Setup and Customization

So, I need feedback from support

But also other solutions are welcome. The mentioned service is not for free, so other solutions that have to be paid are also welcome.

Thanks for your help,


Another thought on this topic:

As much as I understand the GDPR, there is need for a cookie banner. Couldn’t it be solved by the service itself instead of an external solution?

At least an option to show a banner with some information and a link to the opt-out.

In the best of all worlds there has to be the possibility to change the language of the cookie banner for each blog in my account (whatever works: I am able to translate it by myself).