Controlling number of posts on the front page?

In this post a side question was about how to control the number of posts displayed on the front page. Currently it defaults to 10, but for the LM Jargon File, I would prefer to have the number of posts on the front page set to 1.

Anyone know how to do that? I would rather not use custom JavaScript, but if there’s no other choice, I’d do that.

Note that this “blog” is hosted on

Thanks for any suggestions!

Well, this is kinda skanky, but:

article {
    visibility: hidden;

article:first-of-type {
    visibility: visible;

seems to do the job. Now I just need to figure out how to get rid of the “Older” at the bottom…

Edit to add:

#paging {
    visibility: hidden;

hides that. Ugly, but it seems to work.