Continuing a post from any PC / device

If I’m working on a post from say my laptop, and then I’m sat in front of another machine the next day, how do I continue writing the same post?

Currently Writeas doesn’t autosave progress of a post across multiple devices. Would I need to publish as an Anonymous post, and then edit it to continue? If so, has the email subscription issue been resolved when doing this?

I can’t speak to the e-mail subscription thing, but the answer to your other question is yes. From what I can tell, stores an in-progress post in your browser, and there’s not a good way to back that up.

FWIW, I’ve found the best thing is to draft my posts in a different program, and then send them when I’m done via the CLI. I personally use QOwnNotes, which I’ve found to be perfect for the task.

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Hey @digitalgyoza, your workflow seems correct given the present state of things. And I don’t think the email subscription thing is fixed yet either, so you have to take the anonymous post and transfer it to your blog.

I created a little Glitch app that could help with that process. It takes the anonymous post and publishes it on your blog. That ensures the post be sent through the email subscription.

The app is here. Remix it, check the Readme, and start using it. Hope it helps!

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