Confusion regarding how to simply follow all updates

Hi, as a new user, it took me a while to figure out that Updates do not appear on the Blog? I thought that following the Blog would give me all platform updates but no, one also needs to follow the other Updates Blog, which isn’t even linked to on the main Blog in any prominent way. (The only thing in common is the footer).

I find this confusing because both places seem to serve the same purpose ultimately. As a user, I can’t tell why the Changing Free Registrations post is any different than the one on being able to format blog descriptions? What is the reason for not having all platform updates in one place? Maybe they can be categorized instead?

Moreover, the Updates site is missing a Follow button on top like the Blog does, which is adding to the confusion.

@matt, I love what you’re doing with but thought I’d share my impressions as a new user so that things can be assessed from that POV.

One is changelog/updates, the otheris how-to and expanding on a topic.

One could argue that Changing Free Registrations is also an update.