Confusion about Blog Not Appearing in Duckduckgo

Hello! First time posting here, but I’ve been trying to work out a search engine quirk with my blog.

I wanted others to be able to search my blog for topics by using Duckduckgo’s " ____ Site:https//" format. However, no matter what I post, my blog posts do not come up in Duck’s search engine. I tried searching other users’ blogs who have the same handle format as I do, and of the other five blogs I tried, none with the URL showed up.

However, when I search the Write,as blogs of five unique users who all have custom domains and look up keywords from their blogs using the same “Site:” format, it worked every time and they appeared in Duckduckgo.

Does the ability to search for keywords within your blog on Duckduckgo and have your blog pop up not function if you do not have a custom domain set up? All I have is the Pro version of at the moment.

Forgive me if I’m not explaining this well, as I’m not 100% certain how to phrase it.

DuckDuckGo uses Bing index to show the results of your queries.

So if you want your blog to be shown on DuckDuckGo then you have to wait that indexes it.

As per my experience this may take some weeks (months) for a new blog to be indexed by Bing (and then DuckDuckGo).

For example if you search on


it works properly and shows the blog articles of that blog as you want to do.


I see, I see! Thank you for providing some clarity!

Looks like all the ones I checked were likely quite new then in hindsight.

I’ll give it some time; thanks again :slight_smile: