Collaborative Blogs


I’m working on starting up (also admin for) a cooperative instance. We are forming the instance as an experiment and testing grounds for one day integrating tools that can enforce the decisions of the cooperative, such as migrating operators (admin) without the permission of the operator. There a quite a few features that are missing for cooperative instance support primarily because of how WriteAs/WriteFreely has been used in the past. The most important of these features is collaborative blogs.

I saw the recent announcement for collaborative blogs for WriteAs. I just wanted to vocalize my interest in bringing this to WriteFreely. Our instance would be willing to beta test collaborative blogs. I can also lend a hand as much as I can on the developer side to get this feature shipped. From what I can tell this would just primarily involve allowing a set of owners for a collection rather than a single owner. I don’t see any issues for collaborative blogs on the work board. Maybe we could create a set of smaller issues that need to be tackled to make this migration possible?

Some other features that would be useful is additional permissioned accounts. Our governance structure allows for users to be moderators or community managers or both. I’d like to give moderators the ability to silence accounts and community managers the ability to invite accounts.

Looking forward to increasing support for cooperative instances :slightly_smiling_face:

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