Classic Editor v2 error

When I try to edit a post, nothing shows in the content area and I see this error in the console:

prose.bundle.57270cbe3ae6df.js:2 Uncaught Error: Token type `html_inline` not supported by Markdown parser
    at ge.parseTokens (prose.bundle.57270cbe3ae6df.js:2:222773)
    at r.inline (prose.bundle.57270cbe3ae6df.js:2:224209)
    at ge.parseTokens (prose.bundle.57270cbe3ae6df.js:2:222843)
    at _e.parse (prose.bundle.57270cbe3ae6df.js:2:224479)
    at new t (prose.bundle.57270cbe3ae6df.js:2:236628)
    at Module.<anonymous> (prose.bundle.57270cbe3ae6df.js:2:236304)
    at r (prose.bundle.57270cbe3ae6df.js:1:110)
    at prose.bundle.57270cbe3ae6df.js:1:902
    at prose.bundle.57270cbe3ae6df.js:1:913
ge.parseTokens @ prose.bundle.57270cbe3ae6df.js:2
r.inline @ prose.bundle.57270cbe3ae6df.js:2
ge.parseTokens @ prose.bundle.57270cbe3ae6df.js:2
_e.parse @ prose.bundle.57270cbe3ae6df.js:2
t @ prose.bundle.57270cbe3ae6df.js:2
(anonymous) @ prose.bundle.57270cbe3ae6df.js:2
r @ prose.bundle.57270cbe3ae6df.js:1
(anonymous) @ prose.bundle.57270cbe3ae6df.js:1
(anonymous) @ prose.bundle.57270cbe3ae6df.js:1

This is usually caused by HTML inserted into the post. If you switch over to the Plain Text editor for any posts that have custom HTML, you should be able to edit everything just fine.

Sorry, this is a long-standing bug that I need a little help on fixing.