Checking Pro Status/Features


I was wondering of the possibility of being able to Query Pro Status, or features/functionality available to a user. For instance Create a Collection returns 403 if the user isn’t Pro.

I understand is a Pro feature. If a API is created and expose to, I’m hoping I can determine if the user can upload an image or perform an action before hitting a 403.

What I’m hoping to pull of is when the user goes to publish their post, if the service/user doesn’t have image support, the Application would update the preview to remove images that are not already hosted on the web.

If returning a feature table isn’t feasible, 403’s should be fine. Looking at the ghost API and micropub API, the pattern is to try uploading the images first, then update the post to point to the uploaded images, and finally publish the post. So showing an notice on post that images will be removed will have to be done for other API services.