Changing header/title image alignment

Hi all!

Had a couple questions, which I was hoping someone might have some insight regarding. Firstly, I was hoping anyone might know how I would go about changing the alignment of the image I’ve used to replace the standard text title/header for my blog. As it stands, the image sits in the center of the screen, but I was hoping I might be able to realign it to either the left or right margins (I’ve already attempted to change the ‘background-position: center’ from ‘center’ to ‘left’, but this had no effect).

Just to give a better visual of what I’m talking about/what I’m going for, the blog I’m working on now is :ok_hand:

My other question is kind of a two parter, and has to do with altering the text of certain parts of my blog, as well as throughout. First, I was hoping someone might be able to tell me how I would go about changing the size of my individual post page’s text to match the smaller text of the text that’s on the main page with all the posts. Also, I was wondering whether it’s possible to change/decrease the line height of the text throughout the entire blog — or at least all the body text portions.

Thanks y’all!