Changing font throughout entire page


Earlier today, I went back through to change the font of my blog to the sans-serif option, and realized – once I hit the bottom of the page – that the ‘Older/Newer’ posts link was still in Lora/Serif. Is there some CSS that I could plug in, which would change this to match the sans-serif (Open Sans?) theme I have going with my body content?

Any advice or solutions would be appreciated! Thanks y’all!

Hey @protofucker, you can use some CSS to target the navigation links on the bottom.

#paging {
    font-family: monospace;

The only catch is that it shrinks the text a little bit (will have to look into that) but otherwise changes the font. Hope that helps!

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Thanks! Is there any code with which I might be able to change the typeface page-wide, so everything is consistent? If nothing else, I was also trying to get the type for my password page (the ‘this blog requires a password’ and enter button text) to resemble whatever typeface I choose to use. If you know of a solution, it’d be awesome to know!

Thanks again!