Change accounts name on

Hi there. I am a big fan of and have a blog and a account. I want to change my name (on the actual account) on though. How do I do that? Anyone knows?

I believe you need to make a support request for that.

You can change collection/album names. That is a recent feature.

@nibl is right @andreas — would you want to change your account name or are you okay with changing your collection/album name?

If the latter (account name), then your confirmation is all we need for us to to take care of that for you. We did receive your email about this — just respond to it with the name you want to change it to and we can do that for you!

Hi. Thanks for your quick answer about changing my account name on I would be greatful if you could change it from (current) to It that’s not available please make it instead. Thank you!

Thanks @andreas — you are all set! Your account name is now andreas.

Thank you! That’s fast!!